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逆転オセロニア (Othellonia) Mod Apk v12.1.0 (Always Win)

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What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Instant Win


  • Mod has not been and will not be tested on PvP. Feel free to share your results if you decide to take the risk.
  • Based on user feedback, ban risk is very high on PvP; avoid using mod there at all costs.
Othellonia mod apk Othellonia


Download 逆転オセロニア (Othellonia) Mod Apk

● It’s more interesting when you lose !! ○
Dramatic reversal battle “Reversal Othellonia” !! With
friends! With rivals all over the country! Enjoy incandescent real-time online battles !!

● Super easy just by turning over Pleasure Othello battle !! ○
Easy play with Othello rules.
Place the character’s pieces, pinch them, turn them over, and do damage!
If you set the opponent’s HP to 0, you win! Aim for a “great reversal” with a sweaty offense and defense !!

● Hone your skills in the season matches of national competitions and the Coliseum held every day! ○ A
season match where you compete for points with rivals nationwide and run up to become a diamond master!
Cup battle aiming for the top in a limited period and the number of battles! Coliseum fighting for rewards!
Can you survive various battle stages !!

● Various skills to accelerate the reversal battle! ○
Attack power UP, defense, recovery, curse, poison, trap, penetration. The combinations of skills and combos of unique characters are endless! Organize your own deck and win with a well-developed strategy !!

● Let’s get excited with stamps! ○ You
can send stamps to each other during the match!
Sometimes inspire yourself, praise your opponent’s good fight, and have fun using stamps to liven up the reversal battle!

● Attractive character voice ○
Gorgeous voice actors who liven up the reversal battle participate!

・ Kana Hanazawa
・ Miyuki Sawashiro
・ Ryuichi Kijima
・ Kotori Koiwai
・ Juri Kimura
, Ayaka Ohashi

and many others (in no particular order)

The stage of reversal “Reversal Othellonia MOD APK” is waiting for you-

[Service provider]
DENA Co., Ltd.

[Recommended OS version]
Android 4.4 or higher (RAM 2GB or higher) ) Recommended
* Some terminals are not recommended or supported.

(1) Support is not available for operations other than the recommended model and recommended OS version.
(2) Depending on the usage situation of the customer, the operation may be unstable even if it is the recommended model.

[Other inquiries]
If you have any questions,
please contact the DeNA Game Support Office [] .
Thank you very much.

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