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Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk v1.1.23.1 (Unlimited Skill)

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dungeon survival 2 legend of the colossus mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Use skills without energy cost
dungeon survival 2 legend of the colossus mod apk dungeon survival 2 legend of the colossus mod apk


Download Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus Mod Apk

We’ve tried to blend the fun, varied, and intense adventure experience of a dungeon Roguelike with the rich story of a RPG, just enough to give players a dungeon game that’s fun enough to play. We’ve retained the turn-based gameplay of the varied 4v4 battles of the original game, while enhancing the mix and match for heroes and colossuses outside of combat. The bosses in the dungeons are still tough, but I’m sure you can crush them one by one with your ingenuity.

Dungeon Survival 2 Mod Apk Game Features:

– 6 classes with different features, 18 characters and 12 colossuses for you to mix and match.
– Hundreds of weird and wonderful dungeons waiting for you to explore.
– Diablo-style equipment affix system. Hundreds of sets of equipment for you to collect.
– More than 50 dungeon items to help you break through the hurdles.

– With hundreds of random events buried in the dungeons, you’ll never be lonely in your journey.
– 18 main characters, each with their own unique story events. Their origins need to be unraveled by you.
– The grand main story takes you step by step to uncover the secrets of the ancient colossus.

After completing each dungeon, an entrance to the Endless Dungeon will automatically be created. Once inside, you’ll encounter boss battles beyond imagination. Only the most savvy dungeon masters can survive to the end.

Still worried that the best gears you’ve looted are nowhere to be displayed? Still worried that the dungeon overlords you’ve trained have nowhere to show their skills? Then go into the Arena and compete with the strongest in ranked matches.

If you encounter any inconvenience during the game experience, or have any comments, suggestions or feedback, please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Customer Service Email:

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