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Paradise:Waifu Dream MOD APK v1.0.2 (MOD MENU)

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Paradise: Waifu Dream MOD APK is a fascinating mobile real-time strategy game which leads you to the world of angels where you can recruit your own harem that you’ve ever dreamed of and even have a date with the one you like. With more than 50 attractive – unique girls, who can create the strongest waifu team to fight the villains? The fate has chosen you!

Paradise Waifu Dream MOD APK Game Features:

Fantastic and lovely skill system!
More than 100 eye-catching, unique, flashy skill animations from your gorgeous waifus. Create countless strategies with numerous interactions among them in teamfight.

Dive into world of beauties!
Join the colorful world of wonders where there are nothing but pretty girls who can be recruited through gacha system. You also have a chance to lead the waifus to fight in many kinds of fascinating activities such as PVP, PVE,…

Flashy, awesome Real-time combats!
Join in classic battles against top players in different servers. Use your girls’ power to claim the victory and make a huge impact on everyone.

Interact with beauties / cultivate affection/ emotionally connect with pretty ladies
Interact, gossip, date with your dream girls through numerous ingame activities and features. In addition, developing bond helps strengthening them

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