Download Devil Smithy : Merge Idle v1.1.31 Mod Apk

Qazisahab122, Sunday, June 28, 2020

devil smithy idle merge mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

1. Gold Goblin on every stage
2. High Critcl
3. 2x Reward for bonus stages
4. High Atk Rate
5. Skill CD 0



Download Devil Smithy : Merge Idle Mod Apk

☆ Merge two weapons to make a more powerful new weapon!
☆ Collect a variety of unique Demon army!
☆ My Demon servant with newly combined weapons!
☆ Destroy human creatures to earn rewards
for strengthening more powerful weapons and species
☆ Gather souls to grow the dark spirit!
Powerful skills and all servant’s power and hp can be obtained!
☆ Enhance the Demon’s power with reinforced stones obtained
by defeating human heroes!
☆ Collect angel wings to get powerful Legend relic!
★ If you have trouble with saving data, please update android version! ★
-This product can not be refunded (withdrawal) by simple change of mind, and
will be charged separately for the purchase of paid items.
– Warn you do not delete the game without save.


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