Download Perfect World Mobile Kr v1.300.0 Mod Apk

Qazisahab122, Sunday, June 28, 2020

Download Perfect World Mobile Kr Mod Apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

1. Menu Mod
2. High Move Speed

Need fake vpn to play game


Download Perfect World Mobile Kr Mod Apk

Wanmi World Mobile New Update! We invite you to a new journey!
Integrated server PVP, bounty hunters, and a new feature, the ex-system!
■ New Features: Try to be born again with a free job change system with no race and gender restrictions!
■ New Integrated Server PVP League: Become the strongest legend in 6v6 battles covering the world war, land, sea and air!
■ New Field Boss Raid: Become a bounty hunter and defeat bosses to earn rare items.
■ New Map: Enjoy Jagol’s land, gale meadows, fields in Yongjeon, and beautiful backgrounds that cross spring and winter!
Game Features:
1. Wanmi Continental Integrated Server PVP: World War II opens! Form a team with your friends to fight together in the season league and take the lead in the Americas!
2. In the expansive open world of 60,000km², you can feel the light source of the real light and the changes of the four seasons, and also check out the beauty of the aerial city that reproduces Juryongseong and Red Star with a super-large map.
3. Legendary and hidden quests await you in the new map Jagal’s Land and Windswept Meadows. Meet the new system and field monsters right now. Become a bounty hunter and hunt monsters that have escaped time and space, from the land of Jagol to the indestructible.
4. It offers endless fun in large-scale group battles, such as the battles of land and sea, three ethical battles descending on the continent, and exhilarating guild battles and raids.

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