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PC Creator Mod Apk v6.3.0 (Unlimited Money)

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PC Creator PC Building Simulator mod apk PC Creator PC Building Simulator mod apk


Download PC Creator PC Building Simulator Mod Apk

The PC Creator Mod Apk is a simulator game, where you try yourself as a PC builder. You need to perform clients commissions with various requirements: to build a computer from the ground up, to mount the operating system’s images, to update a computer, to install different programs, games and much more.

In addition to this, you have a special opportunity to create your mining farm to mine the cryptocurrency and to set up your own computer shop.

PC Creator Mod Apk Game Features:

User-friendly interface
Despite the fact that our game has a lot of various functions, we made our best to develop the stylish, modern and comfortable interface for managing all game’s processes:
★ animated controls
★ useful tooltips
★ user-friendly and plain positioning of buttons
★ elements icons speak for itself
All, mentioned above, you can see in the virtual world of the “PC Creator”!

Create your PC from the ground up
You can build the PC of your dream in our game. In the shop you can choose and buy a motherboard, a processor, a video card and other parts. Then you are about to install the operating system, drivers, favorite programs and games. And all these you can do in the one app on your smartphone.

Wide choice of accessories
There are a lot of modern computer parts in the game: motherboards, processors, video cards, random access memory, power units for all tastes. Moreover, you can overclock these parts to top and enjoy their productivity after this.

How to improve your service center
By finishing client’s commissions, you receive the experience points and the virtual coins. You can purchase a new room for your service center with earned money. Moreover, there is an opportunity to replace the equipment with more powerful and modern one.

Learn how to improve your PC
You will learn how to fix up personal computers while playing our game, replacing parts with better ones. In addition to this, you will notice that not all parts comply with other ones of your PC. Our simulator will teach you, how to choose details correctly, in case to make the most of your computer.

Opportunity of installing popular operating systems
PC Creator give you an opportunity of installing popular operating systems: Linux, macOS, Windows. The рrocess of installing is very close to realistic, so it is a good time to learn how to install different OS.

Simulation of programs
There is the built-in PC simulator, with help of which you can install various programs, games and test them without leaving the game. To play your favorite games on your phone, what could be better?

Rating of the players
Our team has also devised and developed the system of rating of all players over the world. So, in your cabinet, you can look at the best players by several parameters:
★ reputation
★ quantity and quality of finished commissions
★ winnings in the wheel of fortune
Your primacy won’t have left unnoticed.

Things don’t work out? Ask for some pieces of advice in the official chat of the game, where players share their knowledge, experience and just communicate with each other on various subjects. There are contests and promotions held in our game. You will be pleasantly surprised by them!

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