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The Rising of the Shield Hero Relive The Animation MOD APK v1.0.0 (GOD MODE)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. God Mode
  2. Damage Dealt x20
  3. Paid Apk for Free


Based on the work of Aneko Yusagi, the popular anime “The Rising of the Shield Hero” makes its RPG debut!

Not only can you relive memorable scenes from the anime, but you can experience the battle system used by Naofumi, a hero who specializes in defense. Faithful to The Rising of the Shield Hero, you can also become a traveling merchant, conducting business throughout the vast lands of Melromarc.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Relive The Animation MOD APK Game Features:

▼A full-on 2D RPG made with RPG Maker MV
An authentic RPG driven by RPG Maker MV.
Whether you’re a fan of the show or RPGs, this game will not disappoint!

▼Features over 700 cels from the anime!
The game is packed with moving 2D pixel sprites of the characters as well as over 700 cels from the anime!

▼Immersive battle system
The battle system makes use of the Shield Hero’s various abilities and talents such as “Vigilance” which lets you see where the enemy is aiming, “Seize” which traps enemies who gun for you, and “Protect” which you use to guard allies.
There’s also a robust leveling system where you can infuse your shield with items you obtain to learn new skills.

▼Become a merchant and travel across the vast lands of Melromarc!
Every city and town in the anime has been recreated so you can explore Melromarc in its entirety.
This game offers much more than just the story and battles. Discover materials along your journey to craft items that can be sold as a “Traveling Merchant”. The actions you take as a player also affect how various NPCs throughout the world will react to your “Reputation Points”. These systems and more make the world of The Rising of the Shield Hero come to life!

▼Before you buy▼
[Recommended platform] Android 7.0 or higher
Operation on devices other than the recommended is not guaranteed, supported, nor will returns be offered.
In addition, even on recommended devices, the user may encounter bugs and game performance may suffer depending on the usage environment.


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