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一騎当千エクストラバースト(Ikkitousen Extra Burst) Mod Apk v1.4.700 (MOD MENU)

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Bishoujo Hyper Battle begins here!
Let’s enjoy hyper battle with many beautiful girl fighters!

Ikkitousen Extra Burst Mod Apk Game Features:

◆ Beautiful girl warrior with plenty of charm!
Plenty of beautiful illustrations full of charm!
Don’t miss the incandescent battle where the SD characters move cutely and get excited!

◆ Easy operation and exciting battle!
Basically, a real-time battle in which beautiful girl fighters move automatically.
Make full use of the special move “Extra Burst” to defeat the powerful boss!

◆ Enjoy the original story!
Includes the original story of the game!
In addition to the familiar beautiful girl warrior, new original characters are also available!

◆ A total of more than 40 beautiful girl fighters have appeared!
Hakufu Sonsaku (CV: Masumi Asano)
Shimei Ryomou (CV: Yuko Kaida)
Uncho Kanu (CV: Hitomi Nabatame)
Housen Ryofu (CV: Akeno Watanabe)
Liu Bei Gentoku (CV: Kei Shindo)
Zhao Yun Koryu (CV: Yu Asakawa)
Zhuge Liang Komei (CV: Mai Kadowaki)
Xiahou Yuan Mysterious (CV: Eri Kitamura)
Sun Quan Conflict (CV: Ayaka Ohashi)

◆ Official Twitter

◆ Recommended terminal
Android 6.0 and above
Terminal with 2GB or more of memory

© 2021 Yuji Shiozaki / Shonen Gahosha / Shin Ikki Tousen Partners
© 2020 Marvelous Inc.

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