power rangers all stars mod apk

Download Power Rangers: All Stars v1.0.5 Mod Apk

power rangers all stars mod apk

What’s Mod Apk:

1. Mod Menu
2. DMG Multiple (1-1000)
3. Defense Multiple(1-1000)
4. 1 Hit
5. Weak Enemy


Power Rangers: All Stars Mod Apk


Power Rangers: All Stars Mod Apk


Power Rangers: All Stars Mod Apk Download Free

Ranger Operators Red, Yellow, and Blue (from Power Rangers RPM) are sent to Corinth, the last inhabited city on Earth, to investigate Venjix activity inside Professor Q’s research laboratory. There, they find that Professor Q has opened a dimensional portal in hopes of helping the people of Corinth escape from the incoming Venjix threat. When Doctor K investigates the lab, she finds that the “quantum anchored” portal there leads to parallel dimensions full of monsters
▶ Features
– From MMPR to Samurai, join over 60 Rangers in your quest to vanquish evil!
– Pilot mighty Megazords to defeat your foes!
– Create tactical Ranger teams for Dimensional Rift and Dimensional Exploration!
– Engage in 5-vs-5 PvP battles in the Dimensional Arena!
– Form Alliances and conquer dramatic, large-scale Raids!
Oh no! The boss has been resurrected. Only Megazord can defend against its attack!
Join the epic battle with Megazord!
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