S급여캐키우기 (S Heroine) MOD APK v1.0.16 (MOD MENU)

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NOTE: Progressing too fast will lead to ban



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▶The Great Character of the Kingdom of Esperia◀
We invite valuable adventurers to this humble game.

S Heroine MOD APK Game Features:

■ Helpful stories to read
Ella, the last princess revived with a pendant. and lost comrades.
Surely, we will meet again! Ella Another Universe!
Respond to Ella from another dimension, meet precious colleagues and become the strongest!
Today, April 28, 390, the adventure of my princess, Ella, begins again.
Raise your own S-class girls in the multiverse worldview!

■ Special for raising S-class girls!

– Advocate for the infinite growth of the idle type
– A high-quality RPG that eases the eyes tired from low-quality games
– Pleasure of breakthrough action and fun of farming items
– How many people are you raising? Let’s choose according to your taste
– A solid RPG that may or may not be present

■Communicate with various avatars! Enjoy your new skill!
You can get an avatar full of personality through a mission?!
Brilliant skills and equipment for each avatar, even explosive growth!

A breakthrough action that cuts through enemies without hesitation!
breakthrough! Advance! Pleasure! action!
Grow cool with cool action!

Explore the dungeon and become stronger!
A unique dungeon! Various growth rewards!
Let’s defeat the monsters with your own strategy!

Collect attractive colleagues and form an S-class party!
If you work with your colleagues, your abilities will grow!
Team up with your own avatar and perfect colleagues! Find the strongest combination!

■■■ Development team oath that knows how to treat users with respect■■■
■Hana■ We provide fresh fun to users who are looking forward to new games.
■two■ We become the winners of small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea with user-friendly operation.
■Third■ We abide by the regulations and agree with users’ opinions.
■Four■ We firmly unite to communicate while maintaining honor and trust.

◈ Official Lounge ◈ https://game.naver.com/lounge/Heroine/board
◈ YOUTUBE ◈ https://www.youtube.com/c/DAERISOFT

◈ App Permission Guide ◈
Salary Catching does not use sensitive app permissions that require explicitely.

◈ Guide to Supported Specifications ◈
Resolution: Supports all devices including Galaxy Fold 3
RAM: 3 GB or more
Capacity: 300 MB or more of free space
OS: Android 10 or higher recommended

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