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Zold:out Mod Apk v00.09.65 (MOD MENU)

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zold out mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Damage Multiplier
  3. Defense Multiplier
zold out mod apk zold out mod apk


Download Zold:out 鍛造屋的物語 Mod Apk

[Game overview]
An exhilarating turn-based SRPG with no waiting time that overturns tradition.
Save the world while saving the store on the verge of bankruptcy? Blacksmith goes on an adventure!
Create your own tactics with a combination of over 100 characters and weapons.
Take full control of the battlefield with ideas and plots.

▼ A blacksmith on the verge of bankruptcy! ?? The journey to save the continent starts here!
The protagonist and his group embarked on a fun adventure to save the blacksmith who had fallen into poor management. Weapon craftsmen who desire peace, virtuous merchants who betray even their friends, mysterious knights from another world, silent maids who have lost their memories … A medieval European-style story like Ranobe begins here!

Zold Out Mod Apk Game Features:

▼ Steampunk-style RPG, retro-style visual
It uses a trello tone and incorporates elements such as magic totems, mechanical metals, cold weapons, and 19th century Europe to create a steampunk-style fantasy world.

▼ Lots of races and class structures
Characters of various races full of individuality have appeared. Four professions, various backbones and stories interweave in five races, causing various chemical reactions. The character settings are clear, and each has a unique habit. The backgrounds of the characters are also various, and they have a close connection with each other.

▼ How to play with a novel strategy full of card battle elements
Eliminating the SRPG tradition of mass movement restrictions, players can view the entire map, move characters freely, and enjoy strategic battles using terrain and card combinations.

On the continent where the traces of the gods remain, the predecessor king suddenly collapsed and the kingdom was turbulent.
The imbalance between the races and the strangers have also brought disaster to the continent.
The story begins with a small weapons store on the continent. The two young arms dealers met there and set out on an adventure with their respective missions.
Traveling across the continent, they met a variety of companions and enemies.
This is not a legendary story, just a story of two blacksmiths and a weapons merchant.

[Official SNS]
▼ Zold: Out ~ Blacksmith Story Japan Official –Twitter

▼ Zold: Out ~ Blacksmith Story Official Website

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