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Trainer Canyon (POKEMON GAME) MOD APK v2.2.4 (MOD MENU)

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Develop your ultimate pet with a unique evolution and coordination system. Through evolution, your pets will be raised to the next level to enhance their abilities. Cooperate, let your baby pets combine into new pets.

Feature Hundreds of cute pets with different styles and shapes. Can’t wait to see their trainers! The unique friend acceleration system allows you to accelerate your access to resources! A variety of interactive training, real time PVP, can’t stop now! The game activities are endless, enjoy the pleasure of battle pleasure Every day, there are a lot of daily activities, and the diamonds. Battle Center, Elf Temple, Master League, Resource Battle, a variety of PVP perfect combination, who is the strongest trainer.

The emptiness of the sky, the legendary dream, let you get close with a variety of legendary elves, capturing the beast is as simple as it can be. The unique elves, the manor planting and resource collection allow you to combine leisure and competition. Game scenes are more colorful and more fun.

A multi-space fantasy world with different styles of battle scenes to provide an adventure. Classic styles with different features and shapes, capturing and evolution.

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