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Never After MOD APK v1.0.17 (MOD MENU)

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Pre-registration for the new fractured fairy tale adventure RPG mobile game Never After is now in full swing!
The more registrations the bigger the rewards:
150,000: Silver*5000+Magic Candy I
300,000: Silver*5000+Healing Potion I
500,000: Silver*5000+Magic Candy II
700,000: Silver*5000+Spinach Can
900,000: Silver*5000+Betty’s Facial Design
1,000,000: Silver*5000+Shinning Star(Appearance)

Embark on adventures in the vast fairy tale world, where you’ll meet familiar characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, and write new storyline for fairy tales with them. In the dangerous and bumpy journey, other adventurers might be your strong allies. Befriend them and become stronger together!

Never After MOD APK Features

Novel fairy tale world
Unconventional twists on the Grimms’ Fairy Tales. The Fantasy Wonderland, the Cursed Forest, the Plateau of Slumber…… The vast fairy tale continent is full of unknowns and surprises. Follow the map to explore a new fantasy world.

Princess as loyal companion
Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, the Beast… All your childhood friends come on stage, become your most loyal companions, and fight by your side. Choose the right partners and use the mightiest combo skills.

Befriend other adventurers
You’ll encounter other adventurers on the fairy tale continent. Form an adventure clan and face all the challenges with them. And don’t forget to contribute to the clan by participating in the clan campaigns and claiming clan honor.

Team up and fight
Fight with trusted friends of special talents and protect the peace of the fairy tale world. Upgrade your gears and skills, cooperate with teammates, build rapports, and discover the way of becomming the strongest team.

Enjoy a dream life
As night falls, the ball begins. You can be free of dragons and witches for a while and spend a romantic night in your fancy and elegant castle. You can also create your own dream house and enjoy gardening and cooking. Take a nap in the warm haven and save up energy for another adventure.

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※ This is a free game, and paid services are included such as virtual game currency and items.
※ Please play it according to your personal interests and abilities, mind the gaming time and don’t get addicted.

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