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Luna Fighting MOD APK v1.0.56 (MOD MENU)

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What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Attack Multiplier
  3. Defense Multiplier
  4. God Mode


Download Luna Fighting MOD APK

Luna Fighting MOD APK, the sequel mobile game to the popular online game LUNA, is out now! The flames of the World Tree have been ignited again, and the Floating Continents needs a new brave adventurer. Are you ready to join the fight? Gathering heroes of 6 clans and crafting great gears. Together, you and your friends from all over the world will embark on a fantastic journey toward the World Tree and mysterious Dungeons

Luna Fighting MOD APK Game Features:

-Relaxing AFK Adventures-
The creative 24 hours AFK and adventure gameplay provides endless offline rewards and many interesting side stories.

-Cute Hero of Six Clans-
Adventurers can summon and develop all kinds of careers and clans in the original LUNA. Plenty of new careers and clan bonuses are waiting for you to explore.

-Dungeons for Treasure Hunting-
Sandbox-based dungeon quest merges with Rogue-like gameplay, filled with fun and rewards! Teaming up to hunt for the ultimate treasure!

-Battle with Strategy-
All kinds of gameplay like PVP and GVG are available on the game and require your strategic thinking. All the factors, including clan bonus, counter effect, team position, and skill combo, can be taken into account. Use your wits to beat the strongest opponent!

Luna Fighting, the cuties and greatest idling RPG in 2023, invites you to embark on a fantastic journey on the way toward the World Tree and Dungeon.

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