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Idle Cyber – NFT Game, P2E MOD APK v0.0.27 (GOD MODE)

2088, after Judge Day, the world has changed. Humans build big walls to defend the Cyborgs that want to bring destruction to humanity. You command a squad of mutants called Cyber Defense, hold the wall, kill all these Cyborgs and conquer giant Bosses. All in an idle frontier-defense game: Idle Cyber.

Idle Cyber MOD APK is an RPG and Idle Frontier-Defense NFT game with the engaging game structure and social features of the Play-to-Earn model. Idle Cyber will provide players with a world of unlimited experience, PvP mode and RPG hero collection combined with blockchain technology.

Three modes of Idle Cyber MOD APK

PlayGame: Adventure in the post-apocalypse world of Idle Cyber — the hero collection defense RPG with stunning graphics.
Play-to-earn: Form your Cybers, use the right skills at the right time to defend the base and win to earn Idle Cyber tokens and valuable NFT assets.
GameFi: Trade your NFTs on a full-stack Marketplace or upgrade them in the Idle Cyber system to maximize their value and make profits through decentralized finance (DeFi) features.

It’s time to stand up and fight. Fight for the future of humankind. Fight for Freedom!

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