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Download 白猫プロジェクト White Cat Project (Shironeko Project) JP v3.10.1 Mod Apk

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What’s In Mod Apk:

1. Menu Mod
2. One Hit
3. God Mode
4. Fast speed


Download White Cat Project (Shironeko Project) JP Mod ApkDownload White Cat Project (Shironeko Project) JP Mod Apk


Download White Cat Project (Shironeko Project) JP Mod Apk

White Cat Project Mod Apk (Shironeko Project), is the legendary “one-finger RPG” developed by Colopl. A revolutionary invention that allows mobile gamers to move, attack, use skills with just one finger, it is “the King of RPG” in the mobile world.
★ Simple action with just one finger
★ Play with friends in a team of four
★ Create your own town on the Flying Island 
★ 10 types of character, 10 types of style!
★ Make friends and awaken their greatest power!
★ A story about the magical encounter between a white cat and a black cat
The world rests on your fingers!
★ Revolutionizing the operation of smart phones [Pyunikon] with features ★
Moving, attacking, skill can be operated easily with one finger!
Freely to the magnificent world
Enjoy colorful battles!
★ Party play up to 4 people together ★
Invite friends and invite them to battle together!
I’m not afraid to be with friends!
Challenge your powerful enemies!
★ [Soul board] which is key of character upbringing ★
Fellow characters of the adventure can be raised in [Soul Boards]!
Open the necessary skills and abilities
Foster yourself in your own way!
★ Flying island is your own [town] construction ★
[Flight Island], which appears in the game
[Gold mines] to get gold, and to strengthen the character
[Training camp] and so on!
Build your own flying island by building a building in town!
★ Friendship with a character who is an adventure fellow ★
Characters that make up your fellow appear on Flight Island!
As you become more adventurous and have more intimacy, the story about your character will open!
If you increase your intimacy to the maximum, your character will become stronger by [friendship awakening]!
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