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Download MergeMergeCat v2.1.2 Mod Apk

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mergemergecat mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

1. Unlimited Money



Download MergeMergeCat Mod Apk

Reward – 150,000 Coin, Cat Stick 300, Tuna Can 300, Cat Ticket 3, Accessory Ticket 1
■ Game characteristics
– Merge cats and you’ll gain a brand new cat!
– Bathe and dress up your cats however you like
– Enter cat pageants to show off your cats to the world!
– Feel warm inside from just looking at the cats. Gotta collect them all!
■ game introduction
In Merge Merge Cat, you can merge cute kitties together, put hats on them, feed them and enter adorable cat pageants! Play with your adorable kitties and before you know it, all your daily stress will be vanish!
■ How to play
– Merge cats of the same grade!
‘- Earn coins and stick treats to upgrade various functions.
‘- Collect many accessories to dress up your rare cats!
‘- Buy various items to take care of your rare cats!
‘- Increase your intimacy with your rare cats, then enter the cat pageant!
What’s New:
1. Playroom

– Added cat visits and cat rewards.
– Adding Decorative Set Products / Price discount
– Added the ability to increase the storage box slot
– Decorative Jewel Price Sale
2. Significantly upward for a limited period of time for goods and bonuses

– purchase of jewelry / Extra bonus for 1 box of snacks
– Additional bonus payments for advertising passes and merchandise
– Playroom Decorating Furniture Price Additional Discount

3. System&Bug

– System stabilization


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