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Download BiuBiu Tales v1.12 Mod Apk

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Download BiuBiu Tales Mod Apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

1. Mod Menu
2. Unlimited Rebirth


Download BiuBiu Tales Mod Apk

Download BiuBiu Tales Mod Apk


Download BiuBiu Tales Mod Apk

As the Hero and Cultivator of beautiful but perplexing Jianghu. What should you do?
Completed various Sect challenges to become the disciple of the most powerful and secrete Sect. Meet recluse masters to acquire peerless skills, and explore Martial arts’ mystery. Become the Master Lord of Jianghu.
Encounter the one in your fate. Invite him/her join your adventure, battle together.
If you fail, just start all over again.

Game Features:
※ Mystery and challenging sect dungeons, clear them to acquire the powerful skills!
※ Dual Mode, invite your friends join your challenge. You are not alone in journey.
※ Easy Control, play game at any time, any where!
※ Become disciples of most powerful sect. Reach higher cultivation realm.
※ Cute pets companion with you, unique skills contain unexpected power.
※ Elegant and fun outfits, dress up! You are the most Cool Guy of the Jianghu.

What’s New:

-Optimized the game content
-Fixed some bugs
-Optimized game compatibility


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