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DownFall : Hack&Slash MOD APK v1.0.7 (MOD MENU)

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“Endless Nightmares!
The deal with unknown demon has destroyed the decent life of Faust.
Defeat the horrifying monsters in abyss with the gun.

Downfall Hack & Slash MOD APK Game Features:

■ Fast and exciting Roguelike Action
Sweep enemies by rifle, machine gun, shotgun and rocket launcher!
Utilize the magic with various effect to crash the enemies efficiently.

■ Diverse and powerful Enemy and Dungeon
Step forward in the nightmare by defeating the various monsters with different special abilities.
Win the ruin keepers and acquire numerous relics and goods.
Survive within endless enemies and score the highest ranking.

■ No more waste, Equipment collection and Growth
Millions of equipment with diverse effect and ability can be acquired and used.
Don’t throw away the lower rank equipment, but display them as your collection to grow your ability.”

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