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Team SIX – Armored Troops Mod Apk v1.2.11 (GOLD, DIAMONDS)

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team six armored troops mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited Diamonds
  3. Unlimited Tactical Points
team six armored troops mod apk team six armored troops mod apk


Download Team SIX Armored Troops Mod Apk

Control 6 types of special units to complete your mission. Top view Squad Strategy shooting battle action game.

Large-scale all-out war, infiltration, Armored warfare using tanks and helicopters, Ranged snipers are also possible.

Various play using 6 classes consisting of Rifleman, Rocketman, Sniper, Medic, Specialist, Sapper.

28 missions.Control various vehicles such as jeep, tank, helicopter.

Rifleman – Reconnaissance, close air support, tank and helicopter calls. The most basic unit.
Rocketman – A powerful unit with anti-tank missiles capable of destroying enemy tanks and helicopters in one shot.
Sniper – All units can be removed with one shot and Long range sniper.
Medic – Heal the injured unit. Squad essential soldier.
Specialist – Fast moving speed, Detect enemy sight, Various tactics are possible with ghost mode.
Sapper – Special unit that detects and removes mines and repairs all vehicles

Upgrade your base facilities and improve your soldiers’ abilities.
Use various weapons, weapon modifications, and equipment for each class.
Experience small battles through various missions.



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