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ヴェルヴェットコード -Velvet Code- Mod Apk v2.1 (MOD MENU)

■ What is a ghost?
Far in the future …
The technological development of this star did not stop, and human beings were divided into eight powers. After a battle for hegemony, the girls were transformed into weapons with highly developed technology. It became a “ship spirit”.

■ The old power “Rugs” that appeared
During the day-night war, humankind discovered the first intelligent life form in the ocean.
“It” easily suppressed the “ship spirit”, which is the strongest weapon of humankind, and started invading humanity. Mankind has never experienced It was the beginning of the horror of “lags.”

ヴェルヴェットコード Velvet Code Mod Apk Game Features:

■ To a new battle
Now that we are confronting an unknown life form, the world will pay a big price if we make a mistake in advancing.
The ghosts of each country have started a new way of life and battle based on the “home port”. Mankind is the way to a new future I chose to form a “federation”.

■ Lead the ghost to a 360-degree omnidirectional barrage battle
A powerful immediate barrage shooting RPG that unfolds in the blue sea!
During the battle, enemy attacks attack from all directions!
You, the new Admiral of the Federation’s special affairs, are the only “Kibo” who leads the ghosts and suppresses the magnificent “powers” every day!
Admiral’s flexibility, aim at the target and let him do it!
A new world of “ship spirits” will spread on this star covered by the sea!

■ Recommended operating environment
iOS: iOS version 10 or above, iPhone 7 or above
Android: Android8 or above, CPU: Snapdragon 665 or above
* It may not work even if it meets the recommended environment.

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