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Valorium – Battle Idle RPG MOD APK v1.5.2 (MOD MENU)

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Valorium MOD APK is fantasy mobile idle RPG battle game.
Have you ever fantasized about engaging in survival robot battle RPG games to protect a peaceful planet? Sounds crazy, right? But in Valorium – idle strategy battle game, it is totally POSSIBLE!
In the universe 1235, there is a planet called Valery. The Valery citizens used to live in harmony until Valorium – a strange energy stone appeared. It’s completely turned the whole planet upside down. The vice president – Baron, with the ambition of occupying the Valery, stole Valorium and built an evil robot army called DarkScepter.
This is an emergency and there is not much time left! Join in Valorium – the best battle idle RPG games now to fight against Baron’s sinister conspiracy.

✨ Game Play:

Valorium is an idle RPG battle game, specifically idle strategy battle game. Your mission is to build a mythic hero team to fight against the DarkScepter. In Valorian idle battle game, heroes are classified into 5 elements (Water, Fire, Nature, Dark, and Light) and 5 classes (bruiser, assassin, support, innovator, and ranger). Each of them has different characteristics that you have to take advantage of to create a peerless army.
However, in this battle idle RPG game, remember that you can choose only 5 heroes for a team! So make sure to have the right strategy! Choose the right heroes and arrange them in a suitable position!
The hero idle battle is harsher and harsher, so do not forget to upgrade your heroes to maximize the chance of winning in this battle idle RPG game.

✨ Game Modes:

📌 Idle mode: Being an idle RPG battle game, Valorium allows users to auto battle to earn even when offline. Heroes will autobattle against enemies. The more time you spend on the game, the more rewards you get.
📌 Saga mode:Join in Valorium idle strategy battle games and arrange your hero team to fight against enemies. There are various levels in this mode and players will gain rewards after winning each level.
📌 Vortex mode: Being one of the best battle RPG games, Valorium always tries to add the most fantastic game modes. With Vortex, after passing each level in this mode, you will gain fantastic rewards. And after passing 100 levels, you will receive a RAID TICKET that helps save time by skipping levels. However, keep in mind that in our battle idle RPG game, this mode will be reset at 00:00 Monday every week.

✨ Valorium Mod Apk Game Features:

📌 Combine: In Valorium idle battle game, users can create a new hero from their 2 current ones. Depending on the rarity and the element of the original heroes, and sometimes your luck, you might even create legendary ones.
📌 Summon: As an auto battle idle RPG game, the mythic hero is always the key feature. Valorium – idle battle games allows users to buy lucky boxes. Depending on the value of the box, you can receive the commensurate heroes and items.
📌 Upgrade hero: In Valorium idle RPG battle game, users need to upgrade heroes to maximize their winning chance.

The stronger your heroes are, the greater the chance of victory in this idle battle games!
Download the best idle strategy battle game now and join our Valorian team to fight against the evil DarkScepter and protect this beautiful Valery planet.
Hurry up! We are waiting for you!

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