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Trainee Goddess MOD APK v1.3.4 (MOD MENU)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Menu
  2. One Hit Kill ( Pair with God mode, because it will affect Player as well )
  3. God Mode


Are you ready to set off to save the world?

The hero who saved the world has suddenly disappeared, and the goddess who summoned him is about to embark on a journey to find the hero.
As a goddess, you not only have to face the enemies the heroes face, but also to seek the lost truth. The one who is pulling the strings is Demon King or Warrior?
Until then, you need to constantly hone your abilities and adjust your strategies to improve quickly.

Trainee Goddness MOD APK Game Features:

Simple game operation – control the whole situation with one hand
Multiplayer Formation – Collect and upgrade companions to form the strongest lineup
Challenge monsters – monsters with various special abilities are waiting to be challenged
Random and unique artifact system – choose according to different situations to match the perfect combination
Unique and diverse storylines – every choice will determine the development of the subsequent story
The combination of various equipment – using different weapons, the fighting style is unpredictable