Tower And Swords MOD APK v1.226 (UNLIMITED MONEY & MORE)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  2. Damage Multiplier
  3. God Mode
  4. Unlimited Gold (used as default)
  5. Unlimited Diamonds (used as default)


Download Tower And Swords MOD APK

– Thirteen towers appeared in the world one day.
And it’s a game about a swordsman who ventures into the tower for world peace.- It is a game where the swordsman grows up as he ventures through the tower.
You can get various equipment and potions from the tower,
You must defeat all the masters of the powerful tower and restore peace to the world.- In the tower, you can get a variety of equipment, from normal equipment to legendary equipment.
You can get high-grade equipment by defeating the gatekeeper monster that guards the entrance of the next floor and the tower owner monster.
The drop rate of high-grade equipment that can be obtained from gatekeeper monsters and the owner of the tower is cumulative and has a structure that can be obtained unconditionally if you catch it repeatedly. (You can check the drop rate in the tower information)

Tower and Swords MOD APK Game Features:

– Additional options are attached to items of rare grade or higher.
Options range from increased stamina to increased movement speed and reduced magic cooldown.– All swords contain mysterious magic.
You can get special and legendary swords higher than the rare grade from the gatekeeper monster and the tower master monster, and this sword contains powerful unique magic.– You can get equipment of various stats and customize the equipment with the stats you want.– As your swordsman character grows, you can strengthen your passive magic with the points you gain.- Adventure through the tower, get powerful equipment, and grow your character.- This is a single-player game in a package format with an end, not an idle game.- You can play without any restrictions even in an environment without internet.- Although not all contents have been completed yet, I hope it will be a game that can be enjoyed even for a short time.- A few updates will be added only to special dungeons (dungeons for farming special items) and server storage so that data can be moved when moving devices.Thank you.