Ten Valkyrie 텐 발키리 : 어드벤처 방치형 키우기 MOD APK v1.1.7 (MOD MENU)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Damage Multiplier
  3. Defense Multiplier
  4. Move Speed Multiplier
  5. Attack Speed Multiplier
  6. God Mode


Download Ten Valkyrie 텐 발키리 : 어드벤처 방치형 키우기 MOD APK

Welcome valuable users to this humble game.

Artisans from domestic development companies are training in a cave while developing
I was caught in a drunken spell right before I reached the level of godgame, but I met God and woke up soon
A new myth of idle breeding

■[A story that doesn’t have to be there, but is magnificent if you have it]■

The peace of Asgard is in our hands!
The great journey towards the reconstruction of Valkyrie begins.
Will the ten Valkyries be able to protect Asgard from Loki’s clutches?

■[Ten Valkyrie Special!]■

– Advocating neglect-type infinite growth
– High quality that makes your eyes comfortable [Illustration] – High quality [Voice actor dubbing] on the subject of small business
– Watch your pronunciation. Enormous volume of 10 Valkyrie trainees
– The pleasure of hunting and the fun of farming items
– A new history of raising an idle adventure with a different dimension

▶ A story reinterpreting Norse mythology
“The time of the ferocious wolves will come, and the sons of Fenrir will devour the sun and moon,
When the three roosters crow at the sunset of the last year, you will meet the twilight (Ragnarok).”
Waking up from an ominous dream, Odin leaves for Jotunheim in search of a way to prevent the coming Ragnarok.
Taking advantage of Odin’s absence, Loki’s rebellion! Fortunately, Loki’s rebellion is stopped by Valkyrie’s sacrifice.
The story of leader Freya and 10 Valkyrie trainees to rebuild Valkyrie!

Ten Valkyrie MOD APK Game Features:

▶ A beautiful narrative leading to sensuous visuals
– High-quality illustrations, exciting and stylish action
– Combat action and costumes of 10 trainees bursting with emotions
– Battle with ‘Valkyrie Village’ where you can feel the sensibility of Norse mythology!

▶ A skill system that can be configured with your own settings
– Various skills that contain the individuality of each Valkyrie!
– Borrow the skills of fellow Valkyries through ‘linked skills’

▶ Growth scale with different dimensions
– My Valkyrie that grows endlessly with the ‘reincarnation’ system
– Collect mythical ‘relics’ to become stronger, and collect ‘totems’
– Obtain the highest grade ‘one-of-a-kind’ equipment
– Valkyrie’s ‘exclusive equipment’ is powerful on a different level

▶ Content you can enjoy without a break
[Chapter Boss Battle] Eliminate the boss guarding the chapter
[Daily Dungeon] Acquire resources by attacking dungeons by day of the week
[Juice Battle] Earn gold by winning the battle
[Wanted Bounty] Catch wanted monsters and get rewards

◈ App access permission request information ◈

Ten Valkyrie does not use sensitive app permissions that need to be explicitly stated.

◈ Guide to Supported Specifications ◈

Resolution: Supports all devices including Galaxy Fold 4
RAM: 3 GB or more
Capacity: 300 MB or more of free space
OS: Android 10 or higher recommended

Terms of Use :
Developer Contact:
#1206, 186, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
Business registration number: 220-88-01770

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