Speed Rush Runners スピードラッシュランナーズ MOD APK v1.1.3 (MOD MENU)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Damage Multiplier
  3. Defense Multiplier
  4. Move Speed Multiplier
  5. God Mode
  6. Unlimited Skill

NOTE: I’d recommend to play in Solo mode for stability and safety reasons.



Download Speed Rush Runners スピードラッシュランナーズ MOD APK

◆ How to play
A short time play of about 5 minutes per stage!
・ Form a party of 3 characters and sortie
・Auto play for running and attacking
・Tap to jump and flick up/down/left/right to move 3 lines vertically and 4 lanes horizontally.
・ Avoid gimmicks (traps) and enemy attacks along the way, defeat powerful bosses and get rewards!

Speed Rush Runners MOD APK Game Features:

◆ Intuitive play and avoidance are the keys to stage capture!
・Obstacles that block your path
Avoid pitfalls, collapsing footholds, rolling balls, damaged floors, collapsing pillars, and other obstacles on the stage!
Familiar enemies such as Mainger, Hoi Hoi, and Puyo Rin appear as disturbing characters!

◆ Boss Battle Strategy
Collaborate with friends for a concentrated attack! Defeat the boss! !
・Check the boss’ weak point attribute and organize a party!
・Destroy the boss shield with your favorite roll (weapon attribute)!
・During the rush, the boss becomes defenseless and has a big chance!
・ Activate the skill and give a large amount of damage!

◆Introduction of event quests
・Boss battle
A strong boss appears! Let’s subdue and get rewards!
・Material Quest
Acquire training items such as gold and various materials!
・Trial Quest
You can get items by completing clear missions!
・Treasure hunting
Collect stars that can be exchanged for various items!

◆Training system
Full of character development and replay elements like RPG!
Use special items to train your character. Let’s carefully strengthen your favorite character!
Character LV increase, parameter increase, skill frame release, skill level up
Character parameter upper limit breakthrough
Character LV upper limit breakthrough

◆Party formation introduction
Select 3 characters and form a party!
You can enjoy various variations, such as organizing with your favorite characters, and setting up attributes and weapon types to attack stages and bosses!

◆Recommended for you!
◯ I like action games!
◯ I like running games!
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◯ I like games that are worth playing!
◯ I like games that can be played casually in a short time!
◯ I was looking for a game that I could play with my friends!
◯ I like cooperative play and fighting games!
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