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신의 탑M: 위대한 여정 Tower Of God: The Great Journey MOD APK v1.1.74 (MOD MENU)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Damage Multiplier
  3. Defense Multiplier


신의 탑M: 위대한 여정 Tower Of God the Great Journey MOD APK

Welcome to the Tower of God.

The world of 4.5 billion views, the world of that great tower
From now on, it’s night time and let’s go on a great journey!

◆ Game Introduction ◆

Main character evolution system
via Revolution Road
Meet your favorite night!

Characters full of personality and special positions
Enjoy the adventure of climbing the tower while growing the protagonist Bam and his colleagues!

A special battle mode that can only be found in the tower
Feel the thrill you felt in the original!

■ Continuous growth even in the moment of neglect
This is the way of the ruler.
If you want anything, head to the top of the tower right now

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Recommended Specifications: Galaxy S8 or higher
Play may be unstable on models other than the recommended terminals.

Tower of God the Great Journey MOD APK  does not require unnecessary app access rights.
Company name: Angel Games NGELGAMES Co., Ltd.
Representative Name: Park Ji-hoon
Address: Makerspace Room 201~205, 51 Hoam-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu-si
Customer Contact:
Business number: 504-86-08283
Mail-order business report number: No. 2016-Daegu Buk-gu-0816
Mail-order business reporting agency: Buk-gu Office, Daegu Metropolitan City

Tower Of God the Great Journey APK MOD: