Poster Sorceress Idle Afk Rpg.png

Sorceress Idle : AFK RPG MOD APK 0.68 (MOD MENU)

What’s In Mod Apk:


NOTE: Activate it before loading or before battle


■ Use elemental magic aiming at the monster’s weakness
– Tackle strong bosses with your unique skill combination.
– Build your own battle strategy! Try numerous skill combinations.

■ Make your character stronger by enhancing your gear, magic, and relics
– Become stronger faster! Spectacular battles!
– Is a battle all about the gear? Enough with simple and boring weapon enhancement!

■ Dozens of costumes you can choose to match your taste
– From an idol to a pirate! The sorceress princess’ cute transformation!
– Changing costumes will make you feel like you are playing a different game!

■ Compete in the guild raid ranking battle with your guild member
– Challenge yourselves to be the top ranking with your guild members!
– Show everyone how strong you are by participating in raids!

■ A pet system that assists you in battle with various skills
– Not only are they cute, but they are also reliable battle buddies!
– The skill enhancement effect is a bonus!