구미호 키우기 : 방치형 (Gumiho Tales) MOD APK v1.42.00 (MOD MENU)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Attack Multiplier
  3. Defense Multiplier
  4. God Mode


Download 구미호 키우기 : 방치형 (Gumiho Tales) MOD APK

Extreme neglect-type growth pleasure!
Levels and abilities that grow even if left alone!
The time is now the era of the great monster!
The period of extreme growth of a nine-tailed fox to become a giant monster!

Gumiho Tales MOD APK Game Features:

◈ The pleasure of growing at an amazing speed!
Easy and fast super-speed Idle breeding!
Raise a nine-tailed fox that is loved all over the world!

◈ Powerful magic that sweeps away enemies coolly!
Cool wide-area magic that sweeps away the entire screen!
Let’s wipe out the enemies with just neglect without complicated operation!

◈ Continued growth even without access!
The essence of neglected growth!
Even if I’m resting, the nine tailed fox doesn’t!
Experience points and rewards that continuously accumulate even when not logged in!

◈ Various growth factors
Various growth factors such as relics, blessings, jewels, including the fox beads of the nine tailed foxes!
Feel the pleasure of constantly getting stronger!

◈ Powerful giant bosses
Awakened giant monsters and giant beasts!
Exciting battles with powerful giant bosses!

Naver Official Lounge:

[Smartphone App Access Permission Guide]
When using the app, we are requesting access to provide the following services.

[Optional access rights]
– Storage read permission: Permission required to load data necessary for game execution and recording.
– Camera access permission: This is the permission required to use the in-game community’s photo taking and photo upload functions.

[How to withdraw access right]
After agreeing to the access right, you can reset or revoke the access right in the following ways.
– Operating system 6.0 or later: Settings > Application management > Select the app > Permissions > Select consent or withdraw access
– Operating system under 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete the app

“Raising a Nine-tailed Fox” playable terminal
– Android 5.0 or higher
– RAM: 1GB (2GB or more recommended)
– Quad-core CPU recommended
* Performance may differ depending on the model.
* Some models are not supported.
* SIM-free terminals are not supported.