chainchronicle mod apk

鎖鏈戰記 ChainChronicle Mod Apk v4.5.0 (MOD MENU)

chainchronicle mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Weak Enemy
  3. One Hit Kill
  4. Insta win
  5. Game Speed Multiplier
chainchronicle mod apk chainchronicle mod apk


Download 鎖鏈戰記 ChainChronicle Mod Apk

◆◇◆The fourth part of Chain Wars is here! ◆◇◆
◆◇◆◇Over 19 million downloads in Japan! The super popular RPG is here! ◇◆◇◆
◆SEGA’s new benevolent RPG presentation! ◆

ChainChronicle Mod Apk Game Features:

The legend of the volunteer army touches a new adventure
◆The new world of five masters weaving! ◆
The independent adventure stories of the five protagonists are intertwined to create a whole new world!
◆An adventure story intertwined with fate and fetters! ◆
An adventure story written by the stories of each partner intertwining and intertwining each other!
◆One-finger simple operation, gorgeous battle! ◆
Easily one-finger simple operation, experience refreshing action tower defense battle!
◆The power of legend is inherited. Fight against the strong enemy courageously! ◆
Brand new inheritance system, the power of legend will be passed on forever!
◆The role dubbing of the luxurious voice actors lineup! ! ◆
Akira Ishida/Mari Uchida/Ayane Sakura/Koiwai Tori, etc.,
The popular voice actor dubbed the character! !
◆Characters drawn by luxury painters◆
Famous painters participate in the drawing! !
Toi8/HACCAN/ワダアルコ/Bifengyu and other famous painters, more than 100 people participated! !
The fourth part-a new chapter and adventure
Before crossing the battle for the Chronicle, the door to the new world opened.
Based on the “Volunteer Army Headquarters” where members of the Volunteer Army were assembled,
Let’s go on an adventure with friends who have gained new powers in all kinds of worlds.
◆◇◆◇Game details◇◆◇◆
The total number of characters on stage exceeds 1,000.
Each character has its own “fate plot”, and as the story grows, there will be a “fetter plot”, “encounter plot”, etc., and deeper plots will appear.
In addition, when encountering a specific character, a hidden “chain story” will also appear!
The combat method is the “action tower defense” where the enemy attacks from the left side of the screen and arrives at our camp on the right side of the screen.
Not only has a simple operation, but also a game-rich battle system, which is guaranteed to meet the needs of core players! !