Aria Of God Killing

神殺しのアリア ~悪魔少女のリアルタイム3DRPG~ (Aria of God Killing) MOD APK v2.0.1 (MOD MENU)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Auto Win
  3. Damage Multiplier
  4. Defense Multiplier
  5. Increased Android Compatibility


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What is a god-killing aria? ] With the natural enemy of humankind “Shingun” that suddenly appeared all over the world
A dark fantasy that depicts the battle of the girls “Diamis” who have contracted with the devil, who can only compete with the “gods”.
It is a 3D real-time battle RPG that fights by making full use of Diamis’ “skill” and “link skill”.
It is equipped with various support functions such as automatic battle and automatic lap.

The original draft and world view setting is “LEGIO” with “11eyes -Sin, Punishment and Atonement Girl-” as a masterpiece.
“Ayami” who is active in Vtuber design etc. is in charge of the design of the main character!

Aria of God Killing MOD APK Game Features:

▼ Adventure part
The truth that becomes clear as the story progresses
A dark fantasy-filled story with a huge conspiracy behind it.
A Diamis story that interacts with Diamis and deepens their ties.
Directing the story of girls carrying various feelings in full voice!

▼ Battle part
Fully automatic real tom battle is easy to operate and safe for beginners.
“Link skill”, a collaborative skill between Diamis, and “Fusion”, which temporarily raises abilities.
Let’s capture the battle using various skills of Diamis!

▼ Volume perfect score element
“Raid” where enemies of ultra-difficulty appear
“Arena” where you can fight other player units
“Guild” that expands the facility and joins forces with the members to confront the enemy
Enemies that cannot be defeated by one person can be confronted with friends!

▼ Diamis training
Adopted the Diamis purchasing system that you can get your favorite Diamis.
All Diamis can be raised to the highest rarity!
Let’s grow the recommended Diamis and challenge various contents!

–The future not far from now.
A mysterious different space called “Shinsho Kuryoiki” appears in various parts of the world.
The existence of a variant that attacks and preys on trapped humans has emerged.

The white odd-shaped monsters are called “Shingun” and
People had no choice but to be frightened and despaired by the existence of all modern weapons.

However, at that time, those who had the only power to oppose the “gods” appeared.
–The name is “Diamis”.

They are wizard girls who can contract with the devil and defeat the “gods” by magical power.

The armed organization “PROV” aims to form a unit of Diamis and counter the “gods” that are now the natural enemies of humankind.
The protagonist, who was hired as the engineer, gets caught up in the gods on his way to the base.
There, he met a pretty girl named “Maki Kuonji” and saved his life.
She was also one of many Diamis.

The hero who fights with unique Diamis, sometimes collides, and sometimes deepens ties.
However, they never knew that a huge conspiracy was going on behind the scenes …

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【Recommended environment】
OS: Android OS 8.0 or above
CPU: Equivalent to or better than Snapdragon 835
Memory: 2GB or more
* We cannot guarantee operation in environments other than those listed.