神式一閃 カムライトライブ (Kamurai Tribe) MOD APK v4.8.6 (MOD MENU)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Damage Multiplier
  3. Defense Multiplier
  4. Dumb Enemy
  5. Invalid Environment Detection Bypassed


Download 神式一閃 カムライトライブ (Kamurai Tribe) MOD APK

Cultivate your own strongest character and embark on an epic adventure!

The fateful ball depends on you!
Even with the same character, depending on the training method and friends,
You will acquire completely different abilities and skills!

Moreover! Boost is activated when the bond between characters becomes stronger!
Become an original trainer
Let’s customize the training method and raise the level!

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[How to play Camlight Live (online RPG)]

Kamurai Tribe MOD APK Game Features:

▼ Training
Raise the characters acquired in the gacha in training mode!

With the seven main characters
Aim to be a master of training!

Which ability to improve is up to you!
Even with the same character, depending on the training method and friends,
You will acquire completely different abilities and skills!
Jump up your skills while subduing sinful injuries!

▼ Quest
An epic adventure over eight countries!

Form a party with the characters you trained,
Let’s have a great adventure in eight countries!
Experience a tense battle with a giant boss!
With the seven main characters
Subdue the sinful injuries that creep up!
When you complete the quest, you will receive a rainbow crystal and items!
Build the strongest quest deck and jump up!

▼ Arena
A hot battle with rivals nationwide!

Users of the same level are matched,
Every time you win, your ranking will go up!
With a proud character
Win the battle to reach the top!

▼ Character
Superhuman strength, swordfighter, illusion, shinobi, fox, sexy, inventor
Swimsuits, dresses, Christmas, kimono, etc.
Appeared in costumes that match the seasons and events!
Let’s grow your favorite character freely!

[Kamishiki Issen Camlight Live Story]

Thousands of years since Yamata no Orochi was sealed

A shadow cast in a peaceful time,
“Kegare” was afflicting people.

Standing up there
God Samurai-Kamrai-
Warriors who inherited the power of eight million gods

To protect important things
To protect your loved ones
To protect important beliefs

Kamrai and others fight for their lives-

Multi-cultivation x command battle
“Kamishiki Issen Camlight Live” (Camtra)

[App price] App body: Free
* Item charge system

[Recommended operation terminal] ・ OS Version 5.0 or higher
・ RAM 2GB or more
* You can download it on devices other than those recommended for operation, but the operation may not be stable depending on the usage conditions.

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