Yggdra Resonance

ユグドラ・レゾナンス (Yggdra Resonance) v1.1.6 (MOD MENU)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Damage Multiplier
  3. Defense Multiplier
  4. Increased Android Compatibility


ユグドラ・レゾナンス (Yggdra Resonance) MOD APK
[Can be redrawn up to 30 times! Start Dash 10 consecutive summons] You can redeem 10 summons up to 30 times! !!
Get your favorite 3 star character,
Start your comfortable trip to Yugrezo!

[Now, 20 consecutive summon ether crystal gifts! ] A campaign is underway to get 20 consecutive summons of ether crystals just by logging in!
■ Why is the history of battle repeated?

Nuverse’s RPG that synchronizes game and real time

Yugdra Resonance MOD APK (Yugrezo) is a time-synchronized RPG that synchronizes the time of your real world with the fantasy continent “Midgard”.
As a player, you become the main character, a childhood friend “Erica” ​​and a mysterious girl “Norne”.
Then embark on an epic adventure with a large number of unique companions.
Until that day to unravel the mystery of this world …

People only know the existence of the world tree and the collapse of the origin of life that day.
In the battle between the gods and the giants, Odin, the leader of the gods, and all the Valkyrie who followed him died, and the giants who fought to protect the world tree disappeared from the world.
There is no winner in this war. Only disastrous results remained. And the structure of the whole world was reset, and the world was in turmoil.
Only the stories of distant history and myths that people have heard are passed down to posterity.

Yugdra Resonance MOD APK Game Features:

▼ Characters with rich individuality are near you …
More than 40 beautiful girl characters have appeared! Academy, Forest, Trading Company, Paul Vosk, Republic.
We are waiting for unique and attractive characters from all over the continent “Midgard” to meet you!
More than 65 gorgeous voice actors participate in the scenario!
Enjoy the full-length full-voice story of the five camps!
Let’s travel to the world with your favorite character!

▼ Select a card and activate the skill! Let’s fight with strategy!
The protagonist can manipulate the cards to activate the skills of the “unusual” girls.
Identifying the special abilities of each “different person”, stage effects depending on the weather and time,
Combine the order of skill activation by cards and the special effects of high-level cards to win the battle against strong enemies!
And the final blow with the strongest technique “ether blast”, which is the trump card!

▼ Your real world, time, and weather are synchronized
Morning, noon, evening, night and weather
In this world, the reality you are in, the time, and the weather are synchronized ….
In the time that elapses every day, with the time weather synchronization system with the real world,
Various effects and changes in the game!
Let’s embark on an exciting adventure with them in the ever-changing days!

What time can you meet today? ……

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