What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mega Mod Menu
  2. Attack Multiplier
  3. Defense Multiplier
  4. God Mode
  5. Dumb Enemy
  6. Unlimited Skill
  7. Faster Move Speed



Let’s go on an adventure to create legendary monsters together with Fina, the main character of this work!
Raise monsters and repel powerful enemies with unique friends!

◆ Synopsis
Fort Lemuria Island.
Discovered in the distant sea, this island is home to rich nature, numerous mysterious ruins, and unknown creatures called “monsters.”
Mankind, fascinated by this island, eventually formed a survey team. Try to investigate the island while deepening interaction with monsters.
But one day, a fierce battle broke out between the island’s guardian dragon, Volzark, and the magical beast, Magna. both disappear.

10 years later.
Due to the disappearance of Vorzak, the monsters were on the verge of extinction.
Meanwhile, a girl joins the investigation team.
Her name is Feena. He was the only human who ever witnessed the disappearance of Volzark.
In her heart, she loves monsters and only wants to flirt with them.
A strong desire to reunite with Vorzak was hidden.

◆ full-fledged action
“MONSTER UNIVERSE” is a unique action RPG where characters and monsters fight together!
Use a variety of skills by combining the characters and monsters you ride!
Take advantage of the uniqueness of each weapon type, switch according to the situation, and defeat the strong enemies!

◆ Raising monsters
Equipped with deep monster training!
Monsters can be taught abilities from characters, and you can train them to your liking!
In addition, mate two monsters to create a new monster that inherits the personality and abilities of the two!
Let’s develop monsters that match your play style and can counter the strong enemies that stand in your way!
You can also take out one by one with your friend’s monsters and have them mate with each other!

◆ Music
Yoko Kanno

◆ Gorgeous voice actors appear (in alphabetical order)
Kohei Amasaki, Aya Ito, Manaka Iwami, Shinhide Ueki, Sumire Uesaka, Rena Ueda, Koki Uchiyama, Ryota Osaka, Hitoshi Ogasawara, Yuki Ono, Ai Kakuma, Asuka Kakumoto, Hirohiko Kakegawa, Jun Kasama, Shinichiro Kamio, Akari Kito, Rika Kinugawa, Tomori Kusunoki, Hiyori Kono, Ayumu Kotomiya, Satomi Sato, Miyuri Shimabukuro, Ayaka Senbongi, Yuki Tai, Shunsuke Takeuchi, Aimi Tanaka, Rika Nagae, Daiki Hamano, Megumi Han, Mari Hino , Fairouz Ai, Toshinari Fukamachi, Yurina Furukawa, Shun Horie, Sosui Matsuda, Yasuhiro Mamiya, Mi Miki, Inori Minase, Taiki Yamashita and others

◆ App price
App body: Basic play free
*Some paid items are available
Please be sure to check the terms of use before using.

Android OS 8.0 or later Memory 3GB or more (some terminals are not compatible)
*Please note that we will not be able to provide support or compensation if you use it on a device other than the one that works.
*Even if the above conditions are satisfied, it may not work properly depending on the performance of the terminal and the communication environment.