dragon smash mod apk

ドラゴンスマッシュ Dragon Smash MOD APK v5.8.1 (MOD MENU)

dragon smash mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Dumb Enemy

NOTE: This game is PVP focused. Use at your own risk.

dragon smash mod apk dragon smash mod apk


Download ドラゴンスマッシュ (Dragon Smash) Mod Apk

Reborn [Auto Puzzle] Bomb!

Dragon Smash Mod Apk Game Features:

▼ It’s a puzzle, but it doesn’t puzzle! ??
Fully automatic puzzles make it super easy! No hassle!
An unprecedented exhilarating and powerful new puzzle game!
Summon your own strongest dragon with a transcendental combo!

▼ You can freely combine decks!
Various monsters and skills!
Monsters become even more powerful depending on the combination! ??
Find your own strongest deck!

▼ Get hot in guild battles!
Real-time “Puzzle Guild Battle” with up to 20 people!
Plan your strategy with your friends and defeat the base of your opponent’s guild!
Experience an incandescent grand strategy guild battle!