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Save the puppy: Pet dog rescue MOD APK v1.1.0 (Coins / Keys)

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Save the puppy: Pet dog rescue MOD APK is a wonderful brain puzzle dog game for people who’re looking for something addictive, fun, and challenging with simple gameplay. There are hundreds of ways to solve every puzzle, just by drawing the lines on your screen to save cute dogs!

Tap to draw one line and save the dog from the bees’re attacking: Press to draw out your line, and lift your finger once you complete your drawing. Make sure your line will not hurt the dog you need to protect. One level can have more than one answer: Each puzzle has far more than one answer. Find out different surprising, interesting, unexpected, and even hilarious drawing solutions to the brain puzzle!

Save the puppy: Pet dog rescue game MOD APK Game Features

βœ” Addictive and relaxing animal rescue games ️🎈

βœ” Entertaining and time-killing for dog rescue games.

βœ” Simple, smart, and fun puzzle the dog game.

βœ” Draw the lines to save the puppy.

βœ” Simple physics system.

βœ” Easy play, draw to save, and improve your drawing skills.

βœ” Cute graphics for dog game adventure.

βœ” Funny sound.

βœ” Challenge your creativity.

βœ” Hundreds of puzzles for your imagination.

Take your line drawing skills to the next level and save the cute man from bees. Draw the lines to save him by avoiding bees. If you hit one bee, it’s game over. Each puzzle game can be solved in different ways: try hard and you will find it awesome! You can play this dog game with family and friends or challenge your creativity alone.

️🎨The lines you draw will save the dog! Can you protect him from harm? New levels and new modes are coming soon in the following versions. There will be more than 150 levels of draw games. Stay tuned to the end!
πŸŽ€We’d very much appreciate it if you have any recommendations/suggestions for us to improve this puzzle game. Your kind words encourage us greatly. Thank you. Have a nice day ❀️

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