rebirth heroes mod apk

Rebirth Heroes Mod Apk v0.0.26 (MEGA MOD)

rebirth heroes mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. No cost for recruit heroes
  2. No cost for level up heroes
  3. No cost for level up commander skill
  4. Level up 100 instead of 1, Level up 500 instead of 5
  5. Instant clear Adventure quest
  6. x10000 Reward Adventure quest
  7. No cost buy heroes ability
  8. No cost enhance heroes ability
  9. Free buy heroes costume (still consume diamonds, but it’s okay if it zero)
  10. Free enhance heroes costume
  11. 1 hit kill
  12. Remove Ads
rebirth heroes mod apk rebirth heroes mod apk


Download Rebirth Heroes Mod Apk

▶ Let’s create my own Avengers with distinctive heroes!
Stage combats are played automatically by 4 heroes who have a variety of property and occupation!
Level up by collecting gold with the automatic battle! Promote yourself by collecting the essence of the attributes!
Upgrade the power of heroes with promotion!
Challenge the infinite stages using enhanced heroes!

▶ Enhanced infinitely with rebirth! Grow endlessly!
Revive the heroes today and try breaking the hard stage again; obtain the essence of property and the feathers of enhancement; strengthen the heroes! Go Go!
The enemy remains as it is but my heroes are getting even stronger! The progress of stages is even easier!
Enjoy the infinite growth of the heroes who revive and get stronger!

▶ Unique weapons and skills for each hero!
Enhance the equipment and skills that give heroes power and vitality!

▶ Enjoy a variety of content in a short time! Unlimited fun!
The dungeon with large amounts of gold and gems!
Artifacts that give various buffs to heroes!
You can get a variety of items just by adventuring with the heroes.

※ How to Use
Game data will be automatically stored on the mobile device.
This game is not connected to any server. We recommend that you take advantage of the cloud storage.

You can enjoy the game free of charge, but some game items can be purchased.

Internet connection is not required during the gameplay except for the use of the coupon or payment.

※ Permissions Information
The following permissions are requested for smooth gameplay.

[Modify or Delete the SD Card Content (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)] Required to retrieve or save the game data on the external storage such as SD cards.

[Account Search in the Device(GET_ACCOUNTS)] You need this permission to link your account to your Google account information, as well as to use the notification service.

[Sound Recording (RECORD_AUDIO)] You need this authorization for video recording with the Naver plug-in.

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