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Rakugaki Kingdom JP Mod Apk v2.0.0 (1 Hit Kill)

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rakugaki kingdom jp mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

rakugaki kingdom jp mod apk rakugaki kingdom jp mod apk


Download ラクガキ キングダム ー描く。動く。遊ぶ。ラクガキ育成RPG Rukugaki Kingdom JP Japanese Mod Apk

Half Anniversary & Major Renewal! ■ □ ■

A major renewal will be carried out on July 28, 2021!
Addition of “Beginning Road” that you can play without hesitation, new training system,
It has become easier to play, such as expanding the atelier function.

■ □ ■ Shoko Nakagawa will appear in Rakugaki in a new collaboration from August 5th !! ■ □ ■

In this collaboration, Shoko Nakagawa will be the collaboration trester.
With “SSR Shokotan”
She will appear as a Rakugaki model “Shokotan”.
Collaboration trester “SSR Shokotan” is during the period
You can get it with a gacha.
You can use your own scribbles and unique skills that only “SSR Shokotan” has.
Let the Rakugaki model “Shokotan” learn and battle
It is also possible to participate.
In the battle, with “enemy scribble” devised by Shoko Nakagawa
You can also play against each other.
Please also pay attention to the character design and name of “Enemy Rakugaki”.
The scribble model of “Shokotan” is from the scribble garage
It is available as a free download for a limited time.
When placed in the atelier, remember new movements with the new item “Tree of Knowledge”
You can level up and love it.
In addition, an item of Shokotan, a new function of the atelier, “Object” has appeared.
You can play with the atelier decorated in a gorgeous way.

* Collaboration will start after the maintenance on August 5th (Thursday).

[Rakugaki Kingdom (Rakukin) game introduction]
Equipped with the first “scribble system” in smartphone games,
Use your own Rakugaki model as an in-game character
While nurturing
It is a training RPG that you can love battles and scribbles.
Partner scribbles drawn by yourself and scribbles posted by users
“Trester” with various “abilities” and skills
You can grow it to your liking by growing it together.
Battle with players from all over the country in a command format that is easy to operate
It is also possible to aim for number one in ranking battles.

▼ The picture you drew becomes a character!
The “scribble system” can reproduce anything depending on the idea!
The picture you drew actually moves and you can feel the excitement of becoming a character.
Create your own partner “scribble”.

▼ Let’s grow your own “scribble”!
Flowchart-style training system
The number of squares (number of turns) that can be selected up to the goal point is fixed,
Select the square to advance and gain experience points according to the selected square.
Experience points that can be obtained depending on the square you select, and the final “scribble”
Performance is confirmed.
“Crocker” for training and “Trester” for special training
Performance changes depending on!
You can grow a wide variety of “scribbles”!

▼ Let’s win the “battle” with strong enemies!
A 3v3 turn-based battle where you challenge with the characters you drew and nurtured!
Easily select commands with a tap to activate flashy skills.
You can freely set and enjoy the battle BGM by a super luxurious composer!

▼ Let’s make your favorite “Doodle” cute in “Atelier”!
You can interact with “Rakugaki” who move cutely in the “atelier”.
Let’s love your favorite “scribble” in “atelier”!
When you give the new item “Tree of Knowledge” to Rakugaki, it will perform various actions.
Also, visit your friend’s “atelier” and send “likes” to each other!

▼ Your favorite “scribble” is now a 3D model and AR!
In collaboration with 3D model character maker “VRoid” provided by Pixiv,
Appear in the real world as your “scribble” 3D avatar!
“Avatar Photo” that links services and shines in virtual space and AR
Shoot and communicate with other users in virtual space
Enjoy it!

[Story / World View]
Another world drawn in a picture that is different from reality
<< Canvas >>

There, the power of people to think and create
Have << picture heart >>
Those who are called << Crocker >>
He was regularly invited as a chosen being.
They envision << Rakugaki >>
It is said that a mysterious life form can be born and manipulated.

“If you win the tournament,
Only one wish will come true. ”

At the foot of the seven-colored big tree << Palette Tree >>
The guide easel welcomes the crockers.

But she can’t tell people,
She had a serious secret.

[Gorgeous cast / production team]
Transcendental gorgeous voice actors color the story colorfully!
Miyuki Sawashiro, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Marika Kouno
Yuichi Nakamura, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Kazuya Nakai
Saori Hayami, Yukiyo Fujii, Naomi Ohzora
Hiroshi Kamiya, Toshio Furukawa, Masako Nozawa
Tomokazu Sugita, Ayane Sakura, Houko Kuwashima
Ai Nonaka, Aoi Yuki, Yuri Noguchi
Hikaru Midorikawa, Mitsuki Saiga, Yu Kobayashi
Ryotaro Okiayu, Inori Minase, Toru Inada
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Kenji Nojima, Satomi Sato
Kenichi Suzumura, Yuka Komatsu, Hideyuki Tanaka
Other gorgeous voice actors will appear!

Moreover! Famous sound composers also provide songs!
Kenji Ito, Noriyuki Iwadare, Hiroki Kikuta
Hideaki Kuroda, Yuzo Koshiro, Motoi Sakuraba
Yoko Shimomura, Yoshio Nakajima, Michiko Naruke
Yasunori Nishiki and Yu Shimoda

[Rakugaki is recommended for people like this! ]

▼ Recommended for those who love to draw scribbles, illustrations, and pictures!
・ I like to write illustrations and create many characters.
・ My hobby is drawing, posting on illustration posting sites and SNS,
The production process may be delivered live
・ I like to write illustrations for manga and novels with original characters
・ Creative art work such as pixel art and 3D modeling
I want to master
・ The drawing and painting apps are complete.
・ I’m longing for a good professional illustrator and painter
・ Drawing in a sketchbook is indispensable to improve the drawing
・ I am good at painting and coloring.
・ I’ve been waiting for a game to fight with pictures of monsters and slimes I wrote
・ A wide range of cute girls and handsome characters, not just pretty mascots
I want to be able to draw
・ I want to spend time drawing a picture from scratch in a new project, not a derivative work
・ Like a parade full of primary colors such as blue, red, and yellow
I like gorgeous illustrations

▼ A lot of replay elements Recommended for you who love RPG games!
・ Among RPGs, I like training games, and the characters I trained are leveled up.
・ Tap game that allows you to capture stages, dungeons, and worlds with simple operations
Is good at
・ I’m looking for a game that allows me to make up characters and change clothes while customizing.
・ I want to create an original character with a character maker with a high degree of freedom.
・ I like story games with the theme of ties with friends
・ Easy to be attracted to round characters
・ I want to play a game with a lot of replay elements and beautiful pictures.
・ I’m looking for a role-playing game that I can enjoy online
・ I want to activate powerful attack skills in command battles.
・ I want to find a character that I can recommend
・ I like the royal road RPG Sekai, such as the grasslands rich in nature and the vast sky and land.
・ I like replay RPGs that can be operated much more than games that are left in my pocket.

▼ Friendly to beginners. Recommended for those who love interesting games!
・ I want to enjoy slowly at my own pace with a game that I can play at my own pace
・ I want to play popular games and new games that I can play for free
・ I want to suppress trends by playing new games and god games that are currently being talked about.
・ Play a simple game while watching the live game and live broadcast archive
I want to have fun
・ I like Taito games
・ I’m playing “Rakugaki Kingdom” and want to enjoy it on my smartphone version.

■ Official website

■ Official Twitter

■ Official You Tube channel

■ Recommended terminal
Android: 7.0 or above, memory (RAM) 3GB or above
* Some models may not work properly.

* It may take some time to download.
We recommend downloading in a Wi-Fi environment.

■ Price
App body: Free
* Some paid items are available.

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