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Ninja War World (NWW): Global Force Apk Download Android

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Ninja War World (NWW): Global Force Apk Download Android

The best ninja anime RPG has reborn – Ninja War World (NWW): Global Force
This is a whole new Remake of previous Ninja Games, combining all the versions together!!
Gather your team of fantasy ninjas, legends, and heroes to join millions of other players in a worldwide cross-server Ninja War World (NWW): Global Force in 2019!
Lots of Ninja heroes have reborn and await you in Shinobi arena, Legendary Monsters to be collected in tactics, Train the best Ninja heroes team and fight against others in Ninja war. Unlimited fighting.
Follow the Ninja to return to the village of Leaf, experience the most authentic Ninja world. Bring you back to the most memorable classic scenes of Ninja saga.
☆ Build Most Powerful Ninja Team
90+ popular shinobis and Ninja hero to be recruited and trained! You will be the most powerful Ninja fighter ever and keep training to become the strongest Hokage! Come, Recruit and build the legendary team unmatched to Rock Lee and Sakura!
☆ Survival In Shinobi Tactics
The most challenging Ninja War World (NWW): Global Force makes the greatest team, you can survive only if you are ready! Join with your friends now! Be alert of Ninja crushes, awaken your Ninja Heroes and Tailed Beasts.. Act quickly, so that only you will get the mysterious gift.
☆ Epic Challenge
Hunt millions of secret treasures after defeat ferocious Tailed Beasts. Equip and upgrade all Ninja heroes to be the strongest!
☆ Fantastic PvP In Ninja Saga
Practice to be the best hero in Ninja arena! Train your team and join the most powerful guild to complete the missions. Collect equipment to upgrade your heroes into the ultimate fighters and beat others in Ninja clash.
☆ Avenger Team
You are not alone! All Ninjas will join you as ultimate avengers for fighting in shadow war. Invite your best friends to join you in the slash legend. Time counts! Your enemy grows fast! The nanuto saga calls! The monsters await you!
☆ Guild War
Summon your fellows to join the guild led by you! Lead the guild for fighting against your enemies and be the top in guild war!
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