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Lime Odyssey M with ITAM (NFT) MOD APK v1.1.5.0 (MOD MENU)

A Link to Neo-Adventure!

Lime Odyssey M MOD APK is an Idle RPG serviced on Binance Smart Chain(BSC), powered by ITAM’s middleware technology. Join the first real-time GameFi where you have the power to freely play and own.

Enhance your hero with powerful weapons and rich skill sets! Unlock and upgrade mercenaries to be your wingman in fierce battles!

Be the hero who conquers all!


⚔️ Get a dream team together to fight your way up
– Upgrade your hero, equipments, and skills with precious gems
– Select up to 2 mercenaries to join your hero
– Level up mercenaries and combine them accordingly
– Fight auto or manually to test your team’s full potential

⚔️ Collect various items that truly belong to you
– Grind equipment to achieve higher grades
– Own your game items through NFT technology
– Trade your NFT items freely at open marketplace

⚔️ Enjoy strategic gameplay and more
– Explore scenario mode and strengthen you character
– Build ultimate formations and battle your own way
– Develop and combine diverse skill sets for each battle
– Select different mercenaries with appropriate attributes
– Equip different items to defeat the most powerful enemies

PLEASE NOTE! LOM with ITAM MOD APK is free to download and play! You may explore its marketplace to purchase certain items or unlock characters, but it is entirely up to you. LOM prioritizes pure fun over anything else.


Look out for exciting game modes and special events soon to be released one by one!
– Campaign : Scenario mode consist of 24 chapters, 280 stages
– Infinite Dungeon : 2 types of floor dungeons (Infinite tower & Moon Temple)
– Dual Battle : PvP contents to contend for victory
– World boss : World boss with endless monster wave
– Raid Boss : Multi-network raid with up to 4 players
– Dreaming Desert : Vast desert to explore and collect treasure chest

Minimum Specification:
4GB or higher RAM – Galaxy S7

Contact info:
Email –

Official Channels:
Discord –
Telegram –

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