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Idol Queens Production Mod Apk v2.25 (MEGA MOD)

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idol queens production mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Auto Play (no cost)
  3. Never Stress
  4. Never Fatigue
  5. Unlimited Schedule

*If you are stuck at the loading screen, follow steps:
1. Go to Playstore and install original game
2. After install original game, uninstall it
3. Install MOD and play

idol queens production mod apk idol queens production mod apk


Download Idol Queens Production Mod Apk

An idol making simulation game, Idol Queens!

Produce your own idols in the way the real k-pop idols are produced!


The most realistic idol making game
Train your idols just like the real k-pop entertainment agencies do!
Be a producer, recruit and train trainees, and manage the agency as a business executive!
Expand your company internationally with your management strategy and produce a million-selling artist!

?The world of idols in 3D
Recruit trainees and form a sub-unit to see their best performance!
The idols you produce will appear on the stage in 3D!
Enjoy your idols in the realistic 3D graphics.

?Systematic idol training system
Various training programs to grow your trainees into the global superstars!
Schedule management, vocal training, dance training, and acting training to upgrade their talent and charms!
Make them popular stars who perform not only in concert, but also various broadcasting programs such as movie, drama, musical, and mukbang!

?Special communication with your idols
Don’t forget to communicate with your trainees after recruiting them!
The closer they’re to the producer, the better idols the trainees become.
Use the [Diary] function to see the special story and SNS photos of your idols.

?Dress them up in different styles
Put cute dresses on your idols, dye their hair, and mix and match accessories!
Each part can be freely changed! Make your idol a fashionista!

?️Decorate the dormitory for your idols
Make a room where your idols can stay cozy.
The furniture items affect the idols. They help the idols release their stress and relax their minds.
Also, you can have your friends over in the dormitory.

?️Voting competition
Enjoy the real-time network pvp with other users!
Your rank is determined based on the regional score.
Various rewards are distributed based on the rank!

?Many events to enjoy!
Other than training, there are many things need to be done for your successful idol producing and agency management.
Make an album, create a streaming channel for gaming/restaurant reviews/cooking, manage the merchandise store (pop up shop), do the promotion test and fandom quest to complete the missions
and raise the affinity of the idols while gaining the stockholder’s trust!

Welcome to the Idol Queens Apk Mod SNS!

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