how to raise a harem mod apk

How To Raise a Harem Mod Apk v7.0 (MOD MENU)

how to raise a harem mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. Mod Menu
  2. Defense Multiplier


  • Devs added detections that may invalidate battle results. Tests show current mod can easily change battle outcome.
  • There’s banning system. Use at your own risk.

Credits ~ Yaskashije – PLATINMODS

how to raise a harem mod apk how to raise a harem mod apk


Download How To Raise a Harem Mod Apk (Qooapp)

How To Raise A Harem is an anime placement card game with an overhead world as the background. Players will embark on an adventure in this unknown world. The cute loli and the domineering royal sister are waiting for you to meet them.

How To Raise A Harem Mod Apk Game Features:

【Hundreds of war princesses compete for beauty and beauty】
Whether it is a girl with vitality or a sister with high coldness, in this world where hundreds of cute girls have gathered, there is always one suitable for you!
【Buddha hangs up and wins all the way】
The ultra-leisure liver nourishing gameplay, whether it is going to work or school or cultivating immortals and watching dramas, can reap massive benefits. Play and stop anytime, the game life is the same!
【Romantic Encounter Secret Date】
Raise your favorability on dates, impress their hearts and bring them into the harem! Start your own love story in another world!
【Audio-visual feast of big-name voices】
Powered by super popular seiyuu CV, full character Live2D animation, deduce a luxurious audio-visual feast!
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