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Hero Battle: Allstar Fighters MOD APK v1.101 (Unlimited Money)

Have you ever imagine becoming a super hero and fight with enemies with your unique, super handsome must-kill technique?Come experience a full-blown battle in this fighting games Hero Battle: Allstar Fighters!

🗡How to play
Classic operation mode: drag the wheel on the right side of the interface to move your hero, and press buttons on the left side to jump, attack, and unleash your hero’s unique skills.
Team with other heroes, and use strategy and clever dodge to defeat enemy teams in an arena of varying terrain!
At the same time, heroes are not born invincible. Remember to collect resources after battles to strengthen your heroes through training and other means.
You can even recruit those powerful bosses into your camp! Repeatedly defeat them in special mode and collect pieces after each victory, until you can finally unlock and operate them on the battlefield by yourself!

⚔️Hero Battle: Allstar Fighters MOD APK Game features

-Lots of different heroes, each one has a unique attack mode and skill.
-Significant login and battle rewards, help players to quickly unlock different heroes in this hero inc.
-Different game modes: fight with others, challenge powerful bosses, experience different arena!
-Smooth gameplay, gorgeous skill effects, bursting your combat passion!

🔫Collect resources, unlock and strengthen heroes, and use your favorite heroes to fight in different battlefields, tell others who is the strongest street fighter!

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