eternal hunter mod apk

Eternal Hunter Mod Apk v1.0.29 (One Hit Kill, No Skill CD)

eternal hunter mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

  1. One Hit Kill
  2. No Skill CD
eternal hunter mod apk eternal hunter mod apk


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Combining 3 hunters out of 8 hunters with various occupations and challenging 200 levels of the Demon Tower.
The IDLE content, Colosseum Dungeon, can be played with all the hunters you have collected, so gather as many colleagues as possible to attack.
If you want to play a more powerful dungeon, you can challenge the hardcore dungeon where you can combine the skills of the hunters and play.
Various dungeon contents are waiting for you, and if you join Pat, who assists the hunters, you can enjoy the battle even more fun.

1. Build your own party in the tower of demons where BOSS monsters appear and challenge yourself.
-The demon dungeon consists of 200 stages and can be challenged with various strategies by forming a party of 3 hunters.
-Strategic play is possible by configuring [My Party] with various classes and skills such as archers, mages, spearmen, and swordsmen.
-Acquisition and growth of characters with various characteristics with goods obtained from game play, and formation of a party that is the key to strategy
-Certain skills increase [Range] or [Number of Projectiles].
-Attack power can be maximized by strengthening the weapon, and the appearance of the weapon is changed every 5 stages of enhancement.

2. The Colosseum, an IDLE content, can be played by all hunters, so gather as many colleagues as possible to challenge them.
-When taking a break, you can enjoy the game comfortably through the IDLE content, the Colosseum.
-Watch the hunters fight automatically, and grow multiple hunters evenly with the money obtained through dungeon play.
-Catch normal monsters and complete the EXP gauge, then BOSS monsters appear!

3. If you want a more powerful dungeon, challenge the hardcore dungeon!
-In a hardcore dungeon consisting of 100 levels, you will challenge the skills of all your hunters into one hunter.
-You can take up to 6 skills through the linked skill system and provide various research distances.
-If you succeed in attacking the hardcore dungeon, you can receive various rewards such as fat and nicreum.

4. The guardian stone with special abilities different from the hunter’s skill makes the hunters more powerful.
-Dozens of Guardian Stones allow you to configure your character’s characteristics in a wider variety.
-The Guardian Stone makes my character stronger, such as [special skill activation], [character stat and skill ability enhancement], [basic ability], and [defense ability].
-It evolves into a more powerful Guardian Stone through the awakening of the Guardian Stone.

5. A fat system that assists the hunter’s battle!
-15 different types of pats assist hunters in battle.
-Pat will help hunters a lot, such as blocking incoming enemy projectiles and turning the hunter into Berserk mode.
-Through the evolution of Pat, you can grow Pat’s unique stats more powerfully.
-Pat, which has evolved into 3 stages, provides special skills to the hunter, so try the 3 stages of evolution!

6. Easy play of automatic skill casting system
-The skills of each class are automatically cast every time the skill is cast, reducing the burden of control on the player.

What’s New:

Guardian Stone function improvements and changes
Hat item ability added
Character UI window improvement work
Other bug fixes

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