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Download King’s Blood: The Defense v1.2.4 Mod Apk

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kings blood the defense mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

1. Unlimited Bloodstones


Download King's Blood: The Defense Mod ApkDownload King's Blood: The Defense Mod Apk


Download King’s Blood: The Defense Mod Apk

◆ King’s Blood: The Defense is a strategic defense game with totally different method of gameplay compared to conventional defense games.
■ King’s Blood is a story-based strategic defense game with an ending. The game offers Normal, Defense and Conquest battles, without limits to level.
■ The 4 unique heroes of King’s Blood are powerful aides to the player, each with its own story.
■ You can create your own character by choosing its appearance, gender and name.
■ The player can hire various troops and soldiers from many nations, including the Knights of Bordeaux.
■ There are dominance dynamics among soldiers and troops, and the unique abilities and skills of the soldiers affect the gameplay greatly as they level up.
■ Extract Enchanted Bloodstones to power-up soldiers, items and abilities as you see fit.
■ Players can obtain items by defeating the Vampire Lords in Conquest battles to change gear that will increase the abilities of the soldiers and themselves.
What’s New:
1. A new mode, “Survival War” has been added.
2. A new mode, “Hero Battle” has been added.
3. Enhancement Priest has been added.
4. Battle Priest has been added.
5. Ballista has been added.
6. Trebuchet has been added.
7. Some systems have been improved and optimized.
8. Fixed the Priest Summon bug in Auto Battle.
9. Fixed an assault bug in battle.
10. Movement speed between battles has been increased by 50%.


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