hyper heroes marble like mod apk

Download Hyper Heroes: Marble – Like RPG v1.0.6.2011241425 Mod Apk

hyper heroes marble like mod apk

What’s In Mod Apk:

1. massive dmg
2. god mode
3. weak enemies

1) You don’t need LP anymore, but you need it if you have to login to Google. Otherwise login to FB.
2) If there is in-game data update, you NEED to re-install the mod, just install it on-top.
3) uninstall your existing game, install mod, download data, login, install mod again, then play as usual




Download Hyper Heroes Mod Apk

Hours of unique gameplay
Dive into the rich PvE and PvP content. Get exciting new features from updates pushed out every now and then!
TAP, SWIPE & SLING your heroes to send them smashing towards hordes of monsters, unleashing explosive power on impact and looting epic treasures!
Strategic Team-building & Hero Collection
Each hero comes with a set of unique stats & skills that greatly affects how your plan & plan!
Try out different setups to gain an upper hand!
Multiplayer Game Modes: Fun With Friends & Prove Your Strength
Play Co-op levels with up to 3 buddies.Share the extra loot & fun!
Or battle head-to-head against other players in real-time PvP duels!
Turn-based combat and tactical thinking
Plan your moves, adjust formations and build up combos to overcome your enemies!
Internet connectivity required to play. WiFi connection recommended for multiplayer modes.
What’s New:
-Added new heroes
-Added Christmas event
-Fixed the sound problem

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