Download Fall in Love Choose Your Story Android

Qazisahab122, Friday, February 7, 2020

Download Fall in Love Choose Your Story Android


Welcome to “Download Fall in Love Android” interactive love story game, a romantic Otome game where you make choices to decide what will happen.

Fall in love with 5 love interests, make the right choice and decide who is the chosen one.
Let’s start the adventure with 5 adorable boyfriends!

The story follows an unfortunate 18-year-old foster kid (MC) who is brought into the world of the rich by Gabriel Knight, after learning that she is the daughter and only heir of a late billionaire tycoon. Upon being located by Gabriel, MC is invited to live with him and his sons in his mansion in Upper East Side, New York. Little does she know that Gabriel’s sons are actually the Knight Brothers — a group of 5 brothers famed for their incredibly good looks and talents.

Slowly but surely, the brothers each develop romantic feelings for MC, causing tension within the family, complicating relations, and attracting lurking enemies as the story progresses.

Ever dream of meeting your prince charming in your real life.
In this game…. Yes!
✦ Choose your costume and outfit
✦ Fall in love with 5 different brothers
✦ Make choices to determine who is the chosen one
✦ Modern Cinderella story
✦ Roleplay as a guy or girl
✦ Meet your ultimate boyfriend
About us:
Fall in Love: Knight Brother is brought to you by Zoomob Limited, an independent game studio.


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