Crazy Green idle battle run

Crazy Green: idle battle run MOD APK v0.8.2 (MEGA MOD MENU)

What’s In Mod Apk:

  • Currency Menu [Risky]​
    • Gem Multiplier​
    • Gold Multiplier​
    • Exp Multiplier​
  • Player Multipliers Menu
    • Damage Multiplier​
    • Defense Multiplier​
    • Attack Speed Multiplier​
    • Move Speed Multiplier​
  • Player Other Menu
    • God Mode​
    • Always Critical​
    • No Skill Cooldown​
  • Enemy Menu​
    • Always Miss​
    • Dumb Enemy​


Download Crazy Green: idle battle run MOD APK

The land of eternal bliss: the Fairytale Town.
Darkness looms, monsters descend, villains attack, and the town’s inhabitants are kidnapped one after another.
How do you free the inhabitants? How do you save your home?

Crazy Green idle battle run MOD APK Game Features:

[ Immersive Gameplay, Smash Enemy Anywhere, Anytime ]

Free to idle anytime you want, play anywhere you wish, and use your time to gain lots of valuable rewards.
Save the Fairytale Town from the darkness and battle the ancient evil of horrible monsters and villains.

[ One-click Battles with Strategize to Win ]

Equip your sprites and strategise unbeatable formations to defeat all your enemies in battle.
Forge the perfect outfit and unleash magnificent and powerful skills to stand out in battle.

[ Thrilling Boss Scenes in a Dark Fairytale  ]

Defeat the bosses and collect them, training them to become your new fighting force.
There are a large number of fantasy map scenes, full of endless exciting challenges and unknown exciting adventures.

Don’t be afraid to feel the adrenaline and excitement through your screen!
Unleash your potential and explore this fantastical game of leisurely adventure!

Keep learning and enhancing new skills and techniques, gaining experience and researching tactics to strengthen yourself and bring out the best of your heroic powers!

Collect and strengthen your weapons and defeat monsters to get supplies.
Make your hero even more powerful!


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Crazy Green idle battle run APK MOD:

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