burst to power anime fighting action rpg mod apk

Burst To Power Mod Apk v1.4.1 (SPIRIT POINTS)

burst to power anime fighting action rpg mod apk burst to power anime fighting action rpg mod apk


Download Burst To Power Anime Fighting Action RPG Mod Apk

The successor to the POWER LEVEL WARRIOR series!
The ultimate Anime Fighting RPG is back! Unlock heroes to EXPLORE, DO BATTLE, TRAIN, LEVEL UP and POWER UP. Take them to the next level by unlocking new POWERS and AWAKENING / TRANSFORMATION FORMS.

Gloggle, a powerful deity, has thrown the Overworld into chaos! Now all the worlds of the BOOLitVerse, connected to the Overworld, are at the mercy of his wickedness!
Reyline, the last of the apprentices, is the only one who stands in Gloggle’s way and prevents him from fulfilling his evil plan!

Burst To Power MOD APK Game FEATURES

– Fast paced fighting inspired by the best animes and battle mangas
– Unique story
– 3D Anime Visuals and Animation.
– unlockable characters each with unique abilities and transformations

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